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A compendium of steampunk and allied communities in Second Life and related virtual worlds.

On August 1st, 2009, the content from Caledon Wiki (formerly at was moved to Steampunk Wiki, and a new wiki was born. While created by many of the same players who founded the Caledon Wiki, Steampunk Wiki is intended to be independent of any one micronation, or virtual world. And while housed on the servers of Steampunk Island Inc., the maintainers of the site content retain editorial control over its content and character.

It is because of the site's history as a repository of the history of the virtual world Steampunk Victorian micronation know as "the Independent State of Caledon" that the initial database contains such a wealth of information on the history and roleplay found in that community. The original "Caledon Wiki" page was moved to Caledon Wiki History to facilitate Caledon Wiki content being rolled into Steampunk Wiki, and as the site evolves without the Caledon Wiki's obvious ties to that community (or for that matter any micronation or even to virtual worlds), some of that initial bias will eventually give way to broader treatment of the genre of Steampunk.

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