• Project: The Independent State of Caledon
    • Region: N/A
  • Theme: maritine isles, duchy of Caledon Inish
  • Major Landmarks:
    • Inish Seaclaid the main isle
      • Seaclaid Pavilion [1]
      • Seaclaid Falls
      • Seaclaid Docks [2]
    • Inish Point highest point, sometimes cut off by tides, the signal bonfire, salute to artists lost to Caledon
    • Inish Bite 'ware the southern-most rock points
    • Inish Aerodocks docking (temporary only without writ from the Duchess) for flying craft visiting the northern sims link (goggles required)

Founding CitizensEdit

Current ProjectsEdit

  • settling in and working the volcanic rock, please give us some time, waterfalls and outlying isles (!done!)
  • raising the walls of the Seaclaid Pavilion, where Art, Music and Dance shall reign, official residence of the Duchess (!done!)
  • installing teleport system (!done!)
  • geothermal power plant (!done!)
  • submarine pens (!done!)
  • main aerodock (!done!)
  • public seals, swimming and boating dock (!done!)
  • storm/lightning arrestor system (!done!)
  • reorganizing the grand art gallery (!done!)
  • fine tune weather layers (!done!)
  • floating mobile aerodock (!done!)
  • air bridge to Caledon Regency aerodock (!done!)
  • energy tap installed, version six a success, regular cycle attained (!done!)
  • repair rock stair Inish Point (!done!)
  • installation of submarine dock, first arrivals by submarine (!done!)
  • excavation of ancient treasures (ongoing)

Events in Caledon HistoryEdit

  • Announced !surprise! ISC chat, Apr 28, 2010
  • Night of the Planetary Event in which we find the land Abused, Jul 31, 2010 "our heartfelt thanks to those of Caledon who aided us in this shocking event"
  • excavation of ancient structures/treasures (August 2010 - ongoing)
  • excavation discovery of ancient machines embedded in Caledon geothermal faults, research at Oxbridge confirms Caledon periodic instability (see Saint Kitt Islands, etc.) Prof Paracelsus Schonberg demonstrates the 'resonance theory' of geocatastrophic energy. Duchess decides for good of Caledon, treasury is opened (Sept 2010) and we commence work on a stable anchor 'energy beacon' to monitor and discharge energy flow into atmosphere. Sixth series of tests successful, 11.30.2010.
  • further research determines that Caledon is connected in at least three locations by these ancient machines, 12.07.2010. Travel between them is possible, indeed they apparently link through the aether to other times and places. Must protect this resource.
  •  ?possible war with Mainland, 12.07.2010, will the portal gates be a deciding factor?
  • submarine route from Caledon Morgaine extended to Inish to circumnavigate the islands, 07.21.11
  • Prof. H. Neurocam identifies and names distinct Inish 'Exotic Lava'. Samples are donated to the museum.
  •  ?future public welcome bash?