The Caledon Catgirl Brigade had its official debut on Caledon's third anniversary, February 26th.

The CCB's mission is to apply a rather tongue-in-cheek approach to building community and promoting Caledon (and the catgirls who call it home). As our motto states, "Veni, Radi, Purri!!!" (I came, I saw, I purred), we are active in events Caledon-wide and stand ready to defend our nation and her Guv'nah, Desmond Shang.

For those who wish to be in our good graces, we like to be plied with shiny objects, yarn balls and, oh, anything with kittynip.

Our current home is the CCB Robokitty Headquarters located in southern Wellsian.

If you have questions about the CCB or would like to join, please IM Aevalle Galicia.

"Off-world," our group homesite can be found on Ning [1].


A bit about CCB opening night--

The Robokitty's grand opening was a rather raucous affair, featuring nekos, furries, pirates and human avatars of every shape and size. Guv'nah Shang himself donned ears and a tail (and a different waistcoat!) and even broke into song (twice!) during the course of the evening.

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