• Project: The Independent State of Caledon
  • Theme: Historic British; Builds from Elizabethan Era; its "present day" is Victorian
  • Major Landmarks:Coughton Court - the Throckmorton family manor; Saint Hildegaard de Bingen Chapel; the stables for the Caledon Cuirassiers


Caledon Carntaigh was one of the first four Void Sims (or Openspace sims) in the Independent State of Caledon. It was leased from its inception to its removal by Gabrielle Riel. The Duchess of Carntaigh considered the sim "community land" that actually belonged to Caledon and its residents. She hosted many and myriad events for Caledon and its residents in the Manor House of Coughton Court and on the grounds of the sim, for example Social Season Balls, Relay for Life Team Caledon events, rezday parties and weddings. She did not reside there initially, but did live there in the "penthouse" (built by Roberto Viking) for the last 8 months of the sim's existence.

She, along with Edward Pearse, Red Caliber and Mitsu Figaro, launched Radio Riel in Coughton Court on June 1, 2007. It was during this event that Desmond Shang decided to stress test the sim, and filled the sim with 100 Avatars, a Second Life record for an Openspace sim at that point in time.

The Duchess created the builds in the sim, and specifically Coughton Court, as a tribute to her typist's deceased father and grandmother, all three of whom are/were descended from the actual British Throckmorton Family. Refer to for more information about the actual Coughton Court and Throckmorton Family.


Gabrielle Riel was born and raised in luxury and privilege in Caledon Cartaigh as the daughter of the Duke of Carntaigh. She inherited the sim, Coughton Court and the Ducal Title upon his death. She lived there happily, until Caledon Carntaigh was seized and razed by Fascist Linden soldiers during a grid wide crackdown and rule changes for Openspace sims in October 2008. ((This connects to the actual life, dramatic changes that Linden Lab applied to Openspace sims at the time.))

Caledon Carntaigh ceased to exist on December 11, 2008. It was replaced by Caledon Rothesay.