The Caledon Air Transport Company (C.A.T. Co.) Edit

The C.A.T. Co was founded as a public service by Dan Gervasi, Bubba Daniels, Aether Inglewood and Zoe Connolly. Dan Gervasi is the chairman of the airline and Bubba Daniels is its VP-Engineering.

The ambition of the C.A.T. Is to provide public air transportation of passengers throughout Caledon and the Kingdom of the Roses. The airline itself is quite popular despite some technical issues that forced it to stop momentarily some portion of its regular flights. The airline works with most of the airport owners in Caledon and has also introduced the very first hydroplanes (modified Vistas). File:CATlogo2complete.png

The company flies two kinds of aircrafts (modified Vistas by Bubba Daniels) and plans to introduce Aether Inglewood's own airships in the future for some international flights.

Present routes include:

    • ~ Penzance - Cay – Downs (present service Downs to Cay and back only)
    • ~Oxbridge Village - Regency and back by hydroplane
    • ~ Caledon Downs - Port Caledon and back
    • ~ Oxbridge Village - Steam Sky City via the Docks and back by hydroplane
    • ~ Kittiwickshire - Cay - Oxbridge Village - and back to Kittiwickshire byhydroplane (suspended at the moment)

Other routes will open soon such as:

    • - Penzance - Winterfell Capital and back by airship - Cay- Middlesea - Lionsgate- Port Caledon - Lionsgate - Middlesea - Penzance.
    • - Penzance - Port Caledon - Steam Sky City (airstrip) - Caer Firnas and back.

Plans exist to extend the Penzance – Cay – Downs route to Caer Firnas. This route would also be made on demand and not operated on a scheduled basis anymore due to technical issues and requests from some airport owners who were concerned by the progressive crowding of their runways.