Burton Newall is an inventor, historian of the railways and fellow of the Royal Caledon Society of Engineering.

Newall is a lifelong Caledonian whose rezday was 29 November, 2006. His residence is the Cruquius Pumping Station, upon Dreadnought Isle, SteamSkyCity, Caledon. Noteworthy inventions include a steam-powered wicker carriage (see photograph), a 4-4-0 type locomotive for the National Rail System, a three-passenger dirigible airship and the aforementioned Pumping Station.

In his free time, Mr. Newall is a historian of the railways, specialising in the export trade of narrow-gauge locomotives. He also dabbles with playing the parlour guitar, printmaking and model building. He is fond of Brazilian music, German literature and Mexican food. He loves to dance and will be found at every social occasion he is able to attend.

He is also a member of the Victorian Retrotech Society and the Royal Caledon Air Force (call name: "Spud"). His favourite aircraft are the Newall Airship, the ARMORD Tesla pack and the Tombola Ornithopter (which he assures Col. O'Toole he has finally mastered).

His most memorable experience in Caledon was the discovery that Prof. Alfonso Avalanche's steam-powered elephant had snatched Miss Tamala Tombola in its trunk and was carrying her around in the air, unbeknownst to Prof. Avalanche as he piloted the beast. Extraction of the lady from its grasp took some time, but she bore it bravely and with good humour as a crowd gathered to gawk. It was a quintessentially Caledonian moment.