The Bloodwing Foundation started in ancient times as "House Bloodwing", created by the demon Bloodwing Dragonash. The first House Bloodwing on the mortal plane was a temple dedicated to him in ancient Sumatra.

After Bloodwing was exorcized from Dr. Mason's body by Emilly Orr, his direct human descendant, Dr. Darien Mason, took over the demon's estate as Regent. He changed the name of the estate to the Bloodwing Foundation. He dedicated the Foundation to finding scientific and magical cures for the most difficult ailments. When needed, the Foundation also functioned as a strike force against alien and supernatural threats to the Victorian Age.

Previous Regents, however, used the resources of the demon's legacy for more sinister ends. Such villains include Darien's father, Dr. Jeremiah Wilhelm Mason and Aleister Louis Mason, an ancestor who lived centuries ago but rose as a vampire.

The active members of the Foundation include Dr. Mason himself and his immediate family, his construct children Qlippothic Projects, QliSteel Gears, and Ash Mason. His biological son Koen was a member, but perished at the hands of Jeremiah Mason.

Other members of the Foundation include:

The Bloodwing Foundation maintained an alliance with the Consulate of Europa. Indeed, it was Dr. Mason who first sent a transdimensional aether signal to invite the Baron and his Consulate to the Grid. The adventures the Foundation undertook were often similar to the adventures recorded in the Heterodyne novels, so Dr. Mason consulted the Baron Klaus Wulfenbach for advice and assistance.

The Foundation was based in Steelhead, but a design flaw in the Tesla drive of Dr. Mason's aether ship (the Gygax) destroyed the Foundation building as it left orbit. Dr. Mason now managed Foundation affairs from his personal quarters on the top floor of Caledon Regency Hospital while he searched for a new site to build a laboratory and over which to place the Gygax in synchronous orbit.

Dr. Mason was head of the Bloodwing Foundation, dedicated to finding scientific and magical cures for the most difficult ailments. He lived on the Foundation grounds with his son Koen, his free-willed android daughter Qlippothic Projects, numerous robotic servants, and "the Founder" (Bloodwing) who would make himself at home and stir up trouble as he pleased.

As of this writing, the Foundation building is destroyed and the Founder is vanishing from the Grid. His son Koen was murdered by Jeremiah and the fates of his other construct children are in question. The Foundation is scheduled to officially disband in mid-July, and a new form of adventuring club (with responsibilities shared by the Counsulate of Europa will take its place.

In what may now be an alternate timeline, two hundred years later, after Human civilization collapsed, Bloodwing will return from his exile in the Underworld to reform House Bloodwing.