Bedlamie Thunders was given a redheaded shape from chaos. She was happy to be so because redheads are said to be children of the moon, thwarted by the sun and addicted to sex and sugar.

She wandered through this world amused but homeless for a good while. Shopping for a dress, she meet EllisDee Welinder. He became her instant dear friend even after setting her hair on fire twice, with only one time being on purpose.

So Bedlamie was able to skip the citizan test because of "connections" and has called Caldeon home ever since. She enjoys being with her goodlady wife Rikka who keeps her heart in a jar to keep it safe or creating living art with her sister/partner in crime LilyDay Darkstone and the sharp witted Mr Montgolfier of Babbage.

Like rogue saints, they are spotted here and there, mostly by the innocent.