A school for maids who are unemployed and seeking a position with a suitable household. This free school aims to provide them with the training and discipline that they require. It is supported by the monthly contributions of its generous patrons. The School was founded by Bamika Easterman in November 2008. The school building was initially located on a small block in Caledon Southend, but it was lofted to an altitude of 1000m over noise pollution concerns.

The maid school premises are open to the public and visitors are welcome. The upper floors are private areas restricted to maids and school patrons. Lessons are held every Wednesday at 2PM and 7PM. The school organizes at least one social event each week - normally on Saturday at 7PM. Maids from the school are available to serve at balls, parties and social events.

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Up to date lesson plans, curriculum and resources can be found on the Maid School Wiki:

Bamika's Maid School

Curriculum v1.5

21 September 2009

1. Bamika's Maid School

1.1 The Rules and Why We Have Them

1.2 Caledon Survival Guide

1.3 The Maid is Always Wrong

1.4 Rule One - The Code of Silence

1.5 Finding Patrons

1.6 The Naughty Maid

2. History of service and slavery

2. History of Prostitution

3. Social context - Class System, status, power

3.1 The Class System

3. Titles and Address

4. The Victorian Era

4. Victorian Morality and Hypocrisy

4. Victorian Euphemisms

4. Victorian Clothing

4. Victorian Entertainment

5. Maid's and Servants Clothing

5.1 The Maid Uniform

6. Hospitality

6.1 The Role of the Hostess - Welcoming, Serving and Enforcing the Rules

6. Cleaning

6. Cooking and Food Service

6. Giving room - Personal space, deference.

7. The Art of Seduction

8. Discipline

9. Magic and Spirituality.

9.1 Spiritualism and Fortune Telling

9.2 Meditation

10. Running Events

10. Publicity in SL

11.1 Protecting Yourself in SL

11. Filez, Textures and Taking Pictures

11. Creating a Profile

11. Basic Building

11. SL Costume Adjustment

12. Eductation and Traning 12.1 Teaching a Lesson

13 Submission

13.1 Sex, Submission and Power

13.2 First Steps in Submission

13.3 Quiet Attention

14 Nannys and Children

15 Personal Communications

15.1 Victorian Communications

15.2 Letters and Notes

15.3 Writing the Perfect Apology Note.

16 Personal service, bathing and massage

16.1 Personal Service

16.2 Massage - Introduction

16.3 Serving Food and Drinks

16.4 The Art of Conversation and Flirting

16.5 The Role of the Lady's Maid

16.6 Giving a Spanking

16.7 Slave Kneels