Atlantis Rising is a neighbour to Caledon, connected via Westmoreland and a member of the Realm of the Roses.

The owners of Atlantis invited Realmsfolk to a viewing of a model of their proposed town centre, and had the following notes available (edited slightly):

The harbor area will have docking facilities for watercraft and a market. The two story building in the back center will be provide facilities for community meetings and events as well as a reservation center for those interested in land on this sim as well as possible future islands that may be added if there is sufficient demand. Flanking each side of this building and behind the market will be two public gardens.
Our Atlantis will be a democratic society that is governed by its citizens within a constitutional framework. The future development and direction of the project will be guided largely by citizens. They will decide if the project remains just a themed project or if active roleplay will be instituted. If roleplay is instituted, the citizens will decide the 'rules' and expectations.
A general background story concerning the Atlantean settlement that provides a connection to the Caledonian society is being developed and will be provided as a framework for development.
The owners of the project wish to encourage creativity in creating suitable clothing, vehicles and everyday objects for Atlantis citizens. Market stalls will be available for rent to prescreened merchants. Vendors offering products that are of high quality and that fit the Atlantean theme or storyline will be welcomed.
Our Atlantis will be a living Atlantis. Residential and a few commercial lots will be available to those wishing to become citizens. The majority of these lots will be land, but a few underwater lots may be made available should their be any interest in them. Owners may build their own homes within general zoning and design guidelines that will not be overly restrictive, but assure that the the results will be in keeping with the vision of Atlantis. Owners that do not or do not wish to buld their own homes may use prefabs provided they too fit the zoning and design guidelines. Custom building services will also be available.
The covenant, constitution, background story and pricing are under developement and will be released as they are ready.

Atlantis Rising is being created on a sim formerly called 'Brightfield', site of a business centre. Its principals are Mister Jody Huet and Miss Amethyst Jetaime.

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