Miss Anna Darwinian lives in Caledon Eyre near the Odditorium and not far from the stables of Virrginia Tombola.

Her life before arriving at Caledon Oxbridge is veiled in mystery. Could there be a connection to the strange disappearance, long ago, of a disreputable flower-selling orphan named Anna Darwinian? Even to Miss Darwinian this is a mystery, as are her nightly dreams about brass-lined undersea laboratories, exotic dance costumes, and a very mysterious "Professor."

Caledon's Anna Darwinian recently, by shadowy methods never fully explained, became proprietor of a large empty store in Winterfell Anodyne. The strange and wonderful objects now therein include some of the oddest "big statement" work by Caledonian creators and are sold on commission. The name of her store (this week at least) is "Steampunk Adventures."