File:AlixStoanes.png His Excellency the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Austral, Alix Stoanes, Archduke of Piers

Alix Stoanes is the founder of the Commonwealth of Austral, a virtual nation of Steampunk Victorian character, with a colonial, Australiana theme. Austral is located to the south of Caledon Caer Firnas. Hi Excellency is also the Archduke of Piers, a title he holds in the Commonwealth of Caledon. His Excelency's holdings there include structures of note in Caledon, Caledon II, Tamrannoch, Cape Wrath and more. His Excellency also holds land in New Babbage, Winterfell and New Toulouse. Alix is partnered to Austin Susanti.

Founder of Alix Stoanes Design, His Excellency is passionate for all things creative. He prides himself on steampunk Victorian creations, especially with that Australiana twist, but also does contemporary and other designs of all kinds, including homes, landmark buildings, clothes, gadgets and much more.

Three of Alix's designs were nominated for the 2010 RFL "8 Wonders of Caeldon": The Fort of Wrath in Caledon Cape Wrath, The Clock of Wrath in Caeldon Cape Wrath, and the Caledon Observatory. Alix has completed major works and designs for in-world organisations and real life universities, and works on both charitable projects, public works and commercial builds.