Miss Alexxandria McLaglen is the youngest daughter of Sir Collin McLaglen, former 2nd Baronet of South Wind, and Claudia Valldaura i Fornet, second daughter of the Viscounts of Valldaura, in Barcelona.

She was the only girl after 4 sons, and was raised in a very liberal home. She stayed in the familiar house in Scotland till the age of 10 years, when her parents travelled to Cairo, where they still live. Alexx lived with them till she was sent to travel the Continent with her brothers at age of 17. She stayed with her Spanish Grandmother in Barcelona for her Society Debut at age 19, but flyed away back to Egypt when the old Viscountess tried to marry her at 21.

Alexxandria met her husband, Moriarty Warburton, when they both were working for the Foreign Office. They married a year after their first mission together in Calcuta, and kept working for the Crown. They retired to live in Caledon Cay, where she was the perfect wife and used is previous experiences to write adventure books quite succesfully. Sadly, some time after that, Moriarty was killed during a mission for The Foreign Office, and Alexx was left alone in her big house.

She, that had been an explorer, a Crown's agent and a archaeologist, awoke one day to find she was like an old widow, and decided to change that. Her cousin, Zombielady McLaglen, asked her to become the editor of the old The Caledon Strand magazine, and she accepted in order to ease her mourning.

The memories were too hard to bear, and finally she closed her house in Caledon Cay and moved out to Victoriana Lakeside, where she had her city house. After a year, she returned to Caledon, that time to a more secluded place, Windemere, where she habites an old manor full of history and misteries named Darkloch Manor. She also keep some city rooms in Wheatstone Waterways, New Babbage, where she finds the sources for her most enthrilling articles and stories.

Actually, Mrs McLaglen-Warburton divides her life between her Social Calendar and writing adventure and mystery stories quite successfully, may I add.

Alexx is:

- A founder of the Caledon Early Birds Social Club, for those who live in or around GMT zone. (Even if Ms Abigail Raymaker and Soliel Snook do all the hard work)

- Founder and Editrix of the The Caledon Strand magazine.

- A Cay girl in the heart but a new CALEDON WINDEMERE proud resident.

For more information about her adventures, visit her blog, Not Your Typical Lady