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Lady Aevalle now calls Caledon East Speirling home. While spending much time in-world on her real life job (with Jaguarland and an internship with VW-BPE that she will be responsible for), Aevalle is honored to also be the hostess of multiple Caledon organizations in Wellsian. She is the caretaker and bibliothecary for Inkwell Manor (now housed at Jaguarland), as well as curatrix of the H. P. Blavatsky Memorial Branch of the Caledon Library at Adocentyn Tower. She also is tour goddess for Oxbridge University and Jaguarland and houses her tours in Aether Education and Tourism, with locations in Caledon Prime and Jaguarland's LoDa District. For fun, Lady Aevalle is "Miss Kitty" of the Caledon Catgirl Brigade and can quite often be spotted in her CCB hoverplane, zipping between Wellsian, the Iron Cloud at Middlesea and East Speirling.

On June 14, 2009, Lady Aevalle and Duke Wrath Constantine were wed in a surprise ceremony (under the guise of a combined rez day celebration for the two). They recently celebrated their first anniversary and continue to happily cause trouble on the Firth (in a good, sporting sort of way).

Upcoming projects include continuing to build upon the Blavatsky library, reopening the Stevenson Memorial Library in Steeltopia and getting her shop, Industrial Kitten Magick up and running. Long term projects still involve building an intersim Caledonian cave system.

In 2010, East and West Speirling was combined under Lady Aev's care. The haunting trees and storm that West Speirling was known for have remained, including Sumie's pond. However, the skies have been converted to an airbag supported home for the three "Duchesses in Training" of the Firth--WaffleCottontail, LilithMorgaine, and Oreo OHare. Their Guv'ness, Bama Xue is also a regular.

Also in 2010, Lady Aevalle took on Caledon Sound, where there are ongoing excavations and scientific study of the underwater ruins of Nodelakia. The historic marina and Thorn Island remain.