Adam ondi Ahman (often abbreviated AoA) is a nine-sim Second Life nation and long-time Caledon ally. It was founded by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as Mormons) on 9 March 2007. As of 13 October 2008, five of the nine sims are owned by Skyler Goode, two by Tascha Klees, and two by Valentine Janus.

The full name of the nation is the Estate of Adam ondi Ahman and Demesne of Lyonesse. The elected government dates from 23 June 2007, with a constitution subsequently ratified on 11 March 2008. Rosalie Fleury is the chair of the governing council.

Mutual diplomatic recognition dates from 23 September 2007, followed by the negotiated placement of embassies to promote trade and tourism. Caledon placed its first permanent diplomatic facility in a foreign nation on the Deseret sim in Adam ondi Ahman in January 2008 It will move to the new City of Enoch sim in late October 2008. The AoA embassy in Caledon was originally on Caledon Regency and has recently moved to Caledon Penzance. Galactic Baroque is the Adam ondi Ahman ambassador to Caledon; Valentine Janus is his counterpart from Caledon to AoA.

The two nations have in common the same foundation era (19th century), strong traditions of modesty and politeness in public dress and conduct, rapid growth and development of SL national characteristics, and a marked distaste for intolerance. There are also important contrasts, especially in the areas of themed structures, modern presences, and public religious display. The differences make participation in an alliance like the Realm of the Roses extremely unlikely. But the establishment of physical diplomatic presences similar to the outside world may set a pattern with broader Second Life implications.

(NB: While the founders were of one faith that still dominates, today's land owners profess several.)

Sims Edit

  • Adam ondi Ahman
  • Bountiful
  • City of Enoch (formerly Pendragon)
  • Cumorah
  • Deseret
  • Land of Nephi
  • Logres
  • Splendour Lyonesse
  • Zarahemla