Dame Abigail Cordelia Raymaker-Palowakski, Baronessa of Bauerhoff, Post Captain of the Imperial Navy of Caledon, daughter of William Weldenstein and Cordelia Raymaker, is of Caledonian descent on her maternal side. She is happily married to Lady Amber Palowakski, 15th Baroness of Bauerhoff de Caledon.

Abigail arrived in Caledon in April 1887 after finally learning the past of her parents when, after her father's demise, she got a letter in which her father told her the story of how he had met Abigail's mother on a business trip to Caledon. Since her father also left her some money, she decided to travel to Caledon to get to know the country where her mother had been born and raised. She fell in love with this fair land and decided to stay. Soon after her arrival she managed to acquire a piece of land in the province of Caledon Tamrannoch. She later moved to the northern region of Caledon Stormhold where she now lives with her wife.

She is a co-founder of the Caledon Early Birds Social Club, (CEBSC), an open community for all Caledonians and friends of Caledon who are interested in social events and informal gatherings early in the day SLT (i. e. usually between 11 am and 4 PM SLT).

Abigail maintains an aetheric journal The Life of Abigail Raymaker

Rez Day: 3/11/2007